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Bleik, Norway 2009
by Thomas Holmström

Welcome to a photography site dedicated to birds and nature. On this webpage I hope to present me as a photographer, and also some of the photos I've taken. As a complement to birds I regurlarly shoot sports, but at the end of the day nothing beats spending time in nature, enjoying what our world has to offer.

I can't really say how I got into bird photography, perhaps I love difficult challenges or maybe it is just because birds come in so many shapes and sizes. The first photo I can remember is a Mallard in flight captured in 2007. The Mallard is one of our most common ducks, but it is also one of our most beautiful birds. In the photo the wings are almost touching the water, causing small waves on the surface. This is still perhaps the best photo of a bird I've taken.Many of my photos are captured on the Åland Islands, but there is also quite a few of them from different parts of the Nordic region.

If you have any questions abot me, or photos I've taken, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm happy to answer what ever questions you may have. Since this is a newly created site, I'd be thankful if you reported any bugs or inconsistent behaviour. Please remember not to use any of my photos, without my permission.

Edvard Wendelin