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Grey Herons

Grey Heron eager to grab one of the fish we placed on the ice.

This year has been unusually cold here in Stockholm. Not in the six year I've lived in Sweden have I experienced temperatures between -10 and -20 and lots of white powder. Winter usually means gray, wet roads. This weather makes it tough for all the birds. They burn a lot of energy and food is hidden under the snow. Luckily many people have feeders at their backyard and bring food to parks such as Råstasjön and Lötsjön, just North of Stockholm in Solna. Råstasjön also happens to be one of the better spots for bird photography in Stockholm this time of the year. It offers a nice mix of Passerines, many Grey herons, Water rails, ducks and if you're lucky Northern Goshawks. This week one of the world's oldest Goshawk was spotted, 21 years old feeding on a duck.  

Portrait shot.

Daniel and I visited Råstasjön this wednesday and he brought some fish to feed the Herons with. They were all very interested in the food and quickly we had at least 20-30 herons waiting for us to throw Herring to them. If it wouldn't have been for the cold feet and fingers it would have been a perfect day. It was lots of fun, and at the same time challenging to focus on these birds and get them in the frame. Their long neck makes it extremely important that you aim right if you want the eye to be in focus.The cold sure didn't help. This day many bird photographers and birders visited the area and for the general public it must have been hilarious to watch all of us sit on the ice photographing birds.