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Photographers donate money to cancer research

© Janne Arleklint

Swedish photographer Janne Arleklint has started an initiative (Swedish) to raise money for the Swedish Cancer Society, an orginsation funding research and other projects related to cancer. I think this is a great project and I hope that we can all donate a small amount of money, and reach the goal of 100 000 skr before Nov 2010. In just two days the sum is almost up 10 000 skr, which is really impressive! Many Swedish websites hepl support this effort and spread the word and I think it's great that we all can unite behind such a good initiative! 

Today Janne announced that he will possibly be organizing a charity photo exhibition where all sales would go straight to the Cancer Society. I'll of course support this the best way I can, if such an event will take place. 

Good luck Janne!