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Vårgårda and Fotomässan 2009

Bohemian Waxvings
Bohemian Waxvings in snow blizzard

I'm a member of Swedish website Naturfotoforum and every year the members get to submit and select a few photos that is then brought to Vårgårda photo festvial (Oct 30-31) and Fotomässan (Nov 13-15) . This year I submit a photo of Bohemian Waxvings and was lucky enough to get a few votes on it. There were a lot of good submissions and it sure wasn't easy to vote. If you visit Fotomässan make sure that you don't miss the forum's display. 

 What's funny with my photo is that I spent like 5 minutes on it while walking from a White-throated dipper to the car. Only when I looked at it on my workstation I realised it was a decent photo. It's quite frustraiting when the best photos are shot with the least amount of effort. Sometimes I spend hours, many early mornings in a row only to come home with nothing but bad images, and then there are times when I get the jackpot on my first attempt.

Slavonian Grebe
Slavonian Grebe

Another good example of this is when I photographed Slavonian Grebe's earlier this spring. I had about 30 minutes and managed to get both Slavonian Grebes and Great Crested Grebes really close. A few weeks later I thought I'd do it again, but failed, and failed again and never managed to get the same oppurtunities again. To summarize it the two best photos I've taken this year were more or less accidental. This is something I try to keep in the back of my head when I'm out. When you least expect it, the best possibilites turn up right around the corner.